EVAM User Training Outline

IT Application

Basic EVAM Terminology

EVAM Introduction

A Quick Start to EVAM Scenarios
? Use a preprepared scenario
? Execute scenario using event simulation
? Send static sms/email
? Send customized sms/email

Simple Scenario Design
? Creating a new scenario (Scenario01)
? Implementing a simple scenario
? Defining actions
? Defining validations
? Testing Scenario01

Reusable Designer items: Catalogues
? Using Physical Connection Catalogue
? Using Dynamic Connection Catalogue
? Using Event Catalogue

Scenario Customization
? Using external enrichment data in scenarios
? Using external enrichment data in validations
? Customizing SMS/Mail contents using enrichment data
? Changing scenario flow according to enrcihment data

EVAM Scenario Building Blocks

Internal Actions & Usage

? Self Generated Events
? Generating Future Events
? Generating Immediate Events
? Store variable value
? Define Counters

Hands-On Scenario Development

? Analyze given scenario and decide events.
? Design Scenario
? Simulate Scenario
? Deploy and Monitor

Administrator Training (Operation)

EVAM System Architecture

? Technical introduction to EVAM
? Techinical Architecture&Components
? Environment:
o Event Sources
o Enrichment Sources
o Action Endpoints
? Execution Flow

Design,Test & Deploy an EVAM Scenario

? Design and deploy a scenario
? Simulate scenario
? Understanding filesystem logs
? Understanding database logs

EVAM Engine Scripts
? Configuring EVAM
? Using scripts to start/stop/check engine

EVAM Listener Scripts, Configuration
? Configuring Listeners
? Using scripts to start/stop/check engine
? Adding new event definition

Troubleshooting, problems and solutions