ICC offers automated data consistency control between different data sources and systems. It provides a mechanism to compare data with generic templates and rules. ICC can be used in following case

  • -If ETL process is not working as expected,
  • -If master data is replicated in several systems and shows inconsistencies,
  • -If there is no consistency controlling system in the project environment,
  • -For monitoring data population trends,
  • -For creating alerts for predefined tresholds,
  • -For easily detecting data anomalies during a project

ICC is not directly intended to be used for improving data quality or for having clean data
storage, but these goals can achieved as a side-result of ICC usage. As described above,
ICC?s main responsibility is to find inconsistencies and creating corresponding alerts.

ICC?s main components are:

  • -Designer,
  • -Consistency Engine,
  • -Templates,
  • -Plugin for Oracle Data Integrator,
  • -Integration with Event Processing Tool.

ICC Designer is used to create templates, rules based on these templates, and to define thresholds and alerts. OOB comes with ready to use templates such as:

  • -Exact Match Templates,
  • -Trend Monitoring Templates,
  • -Aggregation Check Templates,
  • -One2One or One2Many Check Templates.

All templates and corresponding rules are stored in ICC metadata tables via Designer.
Consistency Engine reads stored rule definitions and templates from ICC repository and executes them
directly on data server. After each rule execution, a log record is being produced which contains
execution information and execution errors. If the engine detects anomalies or data inconsistencies,
these will be reported in the way as it is described in the corresponding rule.


ICC uses three types of templates:

  • -Load Templates: Take source and target data to the repository for improved processing speed.
  • -Control Templates: Handle mandatory controls for detecting inconsistencies and anomalies.
  • -Action Templates: Take necessary actions considering the predefined threshold.

It is possible to enhance the template catalogue, since templates can be written using common
programming languages like SQL, OS Scripts, Java and Groovy.
ICC can be used as Oracle Data Integrator plugin besides being a standalone java application.

Please request demo from iszekasi@intellica.net for detailed product introduction.