Advisory Services



Intellica, with its accumulation of project best practices, industry knowledge, as well as in-depth comparative experience with a multitude of various vendors? products and solutions in the business intelligence domain, can act as an advisor to IT departments and/or business departments which rely heavily on IT infrastructure  and services.


Delivered by the highest ranking Intellica consultants with extensive experience, the scope of these services are usually mutually agreed with the client and include, but not limited to, the below points:


  • General advisory services for the design and implementation of a master plan for business intelligence. This includes alignment with a top-level Master Plan, if there is one.
  • Assisting the client evaluate various vendor solutions and products.
  • Assisting the client form and execute selection criteria when purchasing BI tools.
  • Assisting the client prepare an RFP for a business intelligence tool purchase and/or a business intelligence project implementation.