At first, it was OK for a Business Intelligence system to provide previous day’s data to the business users for their analytics needs. However, this started changing in the past few years. Now, businesses are demanding to base some of their decisions on near real time data and to push these decisions to the channels also in a near real time basis. The main need here is to serve the customer when the customer interacts with the company. It has been proven that actions such as marketing offers and churn prevention steps are much more successful during the customer contact, rather than sometime afterward.

However, not all data has to be provided near real time. Some data is produced daily, some monthly, etc. Also, a major misunderstanding arises when a report, dashboard or score is accessed in real-time, but the data is at least a day old. Thus in general, we call talk about right time BI, rather than real time BI.
At Intellica, we understand all of these cases, e.g., what type of user needs what type of data, what the latency should be, etc. We then configure and tailor the business analytics system according to these needs. For example, for Customer Experience Management, the needed configuration brings together traditional Business Intelligence tools, Data Warehouse/ODS models, data integration codes and emerging technologies such as Complex Event Processing and Big Data. Intellica has deep experience in architecting and fully configuring systems that address all such needs.