Business Intelligence Maturity Assessment and Roadmap Consultancy Services



Before engaging in any project implementation or product purchases, it is prudent for an enterprise to determine its current state of maturity in this domain in a systematic and structured manner.  Thus, the enterprise will have way of measuring and comparing its environment and processes with respect to similar companies and global best practices.


Once the maturity state is determined, a gap analysis should be performed, which consists of aligning the technology infrastructure and processes with the business goals and needs of the enterprise and identifying the gaps. The gaps usually translate to a program of projects, aiming to build, improve or reengineer the current business intelligence environment to meet business needs for the planned period.


Intellica offers consultancy services addressing both the maturity assessment and roadmap generation phases. Intellica?s assessment methodology is based on a multi-pronged approach as shown below:


  • Architecture
  • Data Scoping
  • Reporting
  • Data Models
  • Potential Big Data applications
  • Real-time and event-based applications
  • Organization and Team Structures
  • Methodology, Documentation and Tools
  • CRM