EVAM is a pioneer of the Real Time Streaming Analytics domain. EVAM is a next generation platform that is built from the ground up with the enterprise user in mind. Development began in early 2010 and the first instances of EVAM went live within the same year.

The consensus in the technology industry is that we are at the dawn of fast data today and that the fast data revolution will reshape everything. EVAM is the first comprehensive Streaming Analytics Platform developed to answer the business challenges of enterprises undergoing the big data transformation. Our platform enables businesses to move beyond insights and gives them the ability to take action in real time.

EVAM clients use the EVAM Streaming Analytics platform to stay in dialogue with a combined number of more than 189.000.000 customers resulting in higher revenues, higher customer loyalty and a better customer experience overall.

Evam Key Features


Data is processed as it comes in. All operations are performed in memory for maximum performance.EVAM uses a proprietary caching mechanism optimized for real-time event processing for maximum performance


EVAM is an end to end real-time platform that supports complex actions to be taken from within the platform


System state, scenario states and incoming data streams can be all persisted for enterprise grade recovery


EVAM listeners, scenarios and actions are customizable and fully extensible to cover all business needs


Out of the box EVAM comes with synchronous and asynchronous connectors to integrate various systems


EVAM incorporates state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms that use online learning methods that allow users to understand and interact with the learning process


Please visit product web site for more information : http://www.evam.com