ICC is a web-based, user friendly, centralized data consistency management application that creates a discipline for data consistency. 



It identifies data inconsistencies, i.e. easily detects anomalies and creates alerts according to predefined thresholds and business rules. It monitors data population trends among multiple data sources or systems, based on given business rules, with an automated mechanism to compare data with customizable templates – instead of writing code or SQL scripts for each control. It can also plug into ETL process and performs controller checks.

ICC is mainly for:

  • Making life easier for CIOs and IT by mitigating risk of complaints from Business Units about inconsistency between reports
  • Saving of test efforts for migration projects or new developments impact to the existing platforms
  • Early warning, so IT can act proactively and Business knows the potential problem and may act accordingly
  • Creating a discipline for data consistency with a centralised, easy maintain automation

ICC comes with ready to use consistency controls. 



ICC Architecture

  • ICC Services are built on universal REST architecture
  • Reads stored rules and job definitions from ICC repository
  • Executes rules directly on distributed memory
  • Logs record after each rule execution
  • Alerting and reporting upon anomaly detection
  • ICC services can be triggered from any other application. (ODI etc.)

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